One-to-One BizMatch Programme

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The One-to-One BizMatch Programme functions as a matchmaker, bridging potential buyers with producers of greentech products and services. It provides a valuable platform for in-depth discussions and brainstorming sessions on ground-breaking technology that are being showcased in IGEM2014.Reaching a targeted group cuts the chase, helping relevant parties find what they seek in terms of goods and services in a shorter time. Ideal for focused business leaders with distinctive greentech directions, the 30 minutes O2O BizMatch sessions have been proven to be highly impactful, with multi-million dollars transactions inked during previous editions of IGEM.

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Testimonies from O2O Participants


We are in the business of importing and the manufacture of chemicals, and it’s our second year visiting IGEM. We’re interested in looking for suppliers and products that would be a good fit with us. Products such as waste water treatment, water purification and air pollution is currently the trend in Indonesia. Being here also allows us to see the latest developments in green technology.

Erwin Setiawan,          

Technical Manager, PT Mitra Kimia Mas, Indonesia            




My colleague who visited IGEM last year informed me that this was a great and big event for green technologies where new innovative technology will be on display. We’re looking for green technologies and new solutions and we’d like to attract them to expand in Europe especially in the Czech Republic. I find that the business matchmaking sessions have been very well-organised, and it has allowed me to meet many quality prospects and I hope to bring some of these results back to my country.

Petr Ruzicka,          

Sector Manager for Energy & Cleantech Industries, CzechInvest, Czech Republic            




I’m the sole agent in Egypt and the Middle East for a Malaysian company that produces biodegradable garbage bags. I’m looking for new products that will help to encourage hotels and residential properties in Egypt to start going green. Unfortunately there’s no green movement there now and I hope I can introduce the idea slowly.

Abdalla El-Gendy,          

Chairman, Green Gate, Egypt            




We are here in IGEM to look for business matching opportunities to promote our products to EU countries to be used by their governments. We have met with the representative from the EU trade community and this will lead to further discussions with the relevant government representatives.

Derek Cheong,          

Managing Director, Timcare Technology Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia