Testimonials from Visitors

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We're here at IGEM to look for clients, and this is our first year attending as visitors as we only found out about it recently. I think it's fantastic so far, and we want to take part as an exhibitor next year.
Tea Shi Ming Sales Engineer, LEONI (SEA) Pte. Ltd., SIN
We are a building consultancy firm that focuses on supplying green technology products to residential and commercial properties. This is the second time we visit IGEM, as we had a good experience last year. We are constantly looking for well-designed products that can be brought into the Middle East, and the government recognises that the long-term impact of going green will give us a better future. We are certainly looking forward to visiting IGEM again.
Haider Ijaz Senior Commissioning Engineer, FAC-LEEDership Technical Services LLC., UAE
It's my first time in Malaysia and I appreciate the effort by the Malaysian government in organising this exhibition to encourage clean technologies, environment protection and introducing renewable technology. I've had very efficient meetings so farand I'm looking forward to meeting more in the next few days.
Bela Tozser Managing Director, Environmental & Climate Protection DC, HUN
We are a project developer and one of the things we do is to build biomass or waste energy plants. So I’m here to look at how I can package a biomass plant and outfit it with different equipment. This is like a shopping mall for renewable energy. I’ve only been here half an hour and I think it’s quite good!”
Suraj Radhakrishnan Head of Engineering, Power & Utilities Division, KNM Renewable Energy Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia