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1. Government’s will and determination 

  • IGEM acts as a prime mover for the Government’s initiatives to chart the historic journey in creating the “Vision of Green Malaysia” as manifested by the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2. Strong supports and collaborations from various official Green organizations all over the world


3. A strategic launching pad for eco products and green technology in the region

  • IGEM is the largest, full scaled green exhibition in the region that brings in key players from the green industry from around the world to explore trade and collaboration opportunities.
  • Huge potential of foreign investment and contracts as Asia is regarded as the largest manufacturing hub in the world.


4. Huge trade, investment and technology transfer opportunities 

  • Malaysia being the strategic gateway to the region, IGEM opens the door to niche markets for revolutionary new eco-friendly products and technologies.
  • Malaysia is eager to ensure its 1st line of resources sustainable by adopting environmental considerations into business activities including production, consumption and trade.
  • Environmental issues are an increasingly integral part of international trade. Malaysia as a trading nation is looking into ways to reduce unsustainable practices in order to conform with the international standards.